How would you like to create your own earrings?

CONCEPT allows you to define your own earrings according to your style, your desire and your mood.

The earrings are designed in two parts. The pair of studs is the first part. It is inserted directly on your ears with the help of the pin and secured with a butterfly system. The second part is the pair of drops. It is attached directly to the pair of ear studs. It's great, the pair of drops is interchangeable. Just buy a pair of studs and then you can change the pair of pendants as much as you like, depending on your style, your mood and your desire.

The earrings are available in different precious materials: silver, yellow gold, white gold or red gold. You can also add diamonds to the studs. The choice of drops is multiple, you can choose between: 17 different Murano beads, 13 different semi-precious balls, 3 different shapes.
You now have all the elements to navigate in CONCEPT.

How to prepare your order:

STEP 1: Define your favourite pair of studs and put it in your shopping cart.
STEP 2: Define your pair of drops. The drops are interchangeable, if you are not sure, you can buy several pairs of drops with one pair of studs.

(If you want to buy only one pair of studs or one pair of pendants, it is also possible).

As soon as your order is confirmed, we will contact you to inform you about the delivery time according to our available stock. Our jewellery is made using traditional Swiss techniques. If the ordered items are not in stock, we will manufacture and deliver between 2 and 4 weeks. The secure delivery is free of charge for an address in Switzerland.
The packaging of the jewellery will be prepared according to your basket. If you order a pair of earrings with two pairs of pendants, we will send you for example a pair of earrings assembled in a case and the second pair of drops, protected in a tissue paper, in another case.

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